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My mantra for this entire election season: I'm not going there. Pity that it's the same with all school activities as well.

When this started, I couldn't imagine that it would last to the end of the school year -- not, at least, in places where there's school in June.

But last, it has. And a lot of things got skipped. Some in the "aw shucks" category, and others a "minor big deal" because there would have been moments that just won't come around again. Maybe some of them can be made up, but for many activities, it'll seem a consolation prize at best.

I do hope this ends soon. And I hope it's something we don't have to endure again.

As long as I'm on the subject: Shoutout to my alma mater, Xaverian High School. This year marks the first co-ed graduation class in the school's history. And the girls in the senior class did make history but winning many championships in their first three years (in their first year, even). It's a shame they didn't get a chance to sweep, but I'm sure they are all moving on to even bigger and better things.

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