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1160: RIP 2016
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I got nothing.

I've said before that I didn't want to be an "obituary comic". I have noted the passing of a number of people over the past decade, but I've had to pick and choose. Generally, what matters are how much the person affected me or were a part of my life, my artistic ability and limitations and time -- as it both "Is it possible to get something meaningful done in a short time?" and "Do I have the time?" There's been less and less of the latter.

I might also add that when I kept to my 3x/week schedule, those occasional comics were a smaller percentage of the overall output. Keeping an irregular schedule, it's harder to justify "filler" comics. But I don't think this one needs justification. People have been complaining about 2016 for at least a month now, waiting for it to end already. Sadly, next year won't prove to be any different in this regard. People die. That won't change.

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