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by Chris Burke
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793: Signal to Noise
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

There are people who rarely tweet/post/etc, so I sometimes don't see what they have to say. There are others that are constantly talking ... but rarely about the reason I know who they are.

I don't mind people "keeping it real". In fact, I prefer it. You get to see some of the more human aspect of a person, and you get to know them a little more instead of their work. That said, I don't need you to fill my inbox, my screen, my page or what-have-you with a million posts, repost, and dopey remarks. And as I pointed out here, not everyone in your audience agrees with you on everything -- especially politics -- so you might want to think about keeping your distance from "hot button" issues if you don't want to lose your fans.

"Yeah, well, I don't want fans who believe that ... blah blah blah..." Don't worry, you won't have them. And they won't tell other people about you. Etc.

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