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by Chris Burke
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800: Lost in Thought
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

The scary part is that this is how my mind actually works.

The scarier part is that this set-up was written a year before I started this webcomic, back when I thought about creating an anonymous webcomic about school life in general. (I recently found some of the notes. Not much I would actually publish today.)

I've started this comic before, but I was never satisfied with how I moved my characters around, which, frankly, are a little like Colorforms(tm) on a handful of backgrounds. And my original set-up was wordier, which is the death of many otherwise fine comics. I wanted a penultimate beat panel, but I thought an eight-panel version would be both too long and too big.

In the words of the guy doing editorials on Ch. 11 when I was a kid, "What's your opinion? We'd like to know."

("We'd" meaning "I'd", of course.)

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