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803: (Still on Hiatus:) Burke's Laws

I'm still "on hiatus", but I'm also need a little bit of a release.
The comic below features a couple of "laws" I first spouted at some point back in the mid-80s, between college and career. The pictures are new. Enjoy.


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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

Come to think of it, in some cases, playing games and looking at naughty pictures have become the same thing, too.

I've voiced a few "Laws" like these over the years, but these are two that always stuck with me, and both, so far, are still true.

Whether or not they are actually "laws" or "theories" or "postulates" or anything else, I don't know. "Burke's Law" always sounded cool to me, and that was before I even knew it was the title of an old TV show.

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