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1675: Perpendiculous
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

If he walked around with his arms sticking straight out from his body then Aristophanes would be perpendiculous!

It's a silly thing students say. Or that teachers may say when they have too many things running through their heads at the same time.

But Missy is incorrect. Those angles are definitely right if they're "perpendiculous".

Looking at the students, I don't think I gave the one on the top left a name yet. The rest, going clockwise, are Shawn (misspelled Shaun sometimes), Isabel, Missy (aka Melissa), and Mark (with a hoodie covering his usual "42" shirt).

Note to admin: there is an Objective for the day displayed, but it's off the left side of the board. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I'm starting to get playful with the facemasks because they are otherwise boring and expressionless. Oddly, in real life, I prefer them plain or simple in pattern. I don't mind anyone celebrating their hobbies or fandoms, but I consider masks a necessary evil for the time being. I look forward to no longer needing them, and won't spend money on "stylized" ones. A year from now, I hope to wear last year's fandom T-shirt and ballcap without last year's facemask. End of rant.

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