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1646: (x, why?) Mini: C Train
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

(Don't) Take The C Train

Train Trivia: The C train travels for most of its route along the A line. Hence, the Take the "A" Train reference above. Also, it's not particularly worse than any other line, which isn't to say that they're all good. Some mornings it seems like nothing's moving.

If you're looking for a punchline explanation, do a translation of "despacito". This actually led to a mildly amusing moment. I learned the word "despaciamente" in high school. At least, that is what I remember saying to my Spanish teachers "por favor". After double-checking despacito, to make sure I hadn't blown the joke, I started typing despaciament into the translate box. It was funny watching the translation change as I typed each letter from "slowly" to "dispatch" to "slow me down" and then back to "slowly".

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