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1571: Then And a Venn
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

How can I make a Math out of this?

So many different titles came to mind for Venn puns, but this one fit the theme of the comic best, I think.

Temp image because I didn't want to wait until tonight to post, but the amount of software available for macs and ipads is a bit restricting -- in terms of what I can use online or download, in addition to not having a learning curve that suggests it would be better to wait until I get home.
Edit: The temp image has been removed. A smaller version is below>

The above comic came to mind when the subject of The Masked Singer recently came up. (I haven't watched it.) And I related how many people online are discovering that Donny Osmond is, no joke, talented, discovering him from "Weird" Al videos and Mulan. (Some people had no idea he was on the soundtrack.)

I once zapped someone who was defending Osmond, talking about his fame in the 60s and 70s, and said, "He used to be big!"
I replied, "He's still big! It's the music that got small!!"

I blew out a few minds before someone gave up the source of my comment.

The original Temporary image, somewhat reduced:

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