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by Chris Burke
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1463: Numerology
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

LIVE in the IV!
The opposite is the VI, which is EVIL.

Four is the one TRUE number because it has 4 letters in its proper name. However, La Iglesia del Cinco might disagree.

Writer's notes: I almost went with "Number Theology" for a title, even if that was on the comic itself, but not the heading on the blog post.

Also, I'm thankful that "Less is More", and not just becaue four is a small number, but because I would've agonized for days over the rest of the verse. Something like:

... I will not fear / the odd or prime / or the fractions that would divide!
... which sort of rhymes with "five". Also "number line" could've been worked in there.

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Kitt Ten. A walking, talking numeral
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