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1457: Lateral Move
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We're all just puppets for our corporate (or civic) masters!

Recently, while going through old bins, I found one that contained mostly phtots and frames that I remember being on my desk at my old job. Some of these landed on my dresser at home (along with a lot that was already there). Also in the bin was a program from Lunacon 2003, a science-fiction convention foremerly held in Rye, NY. I'm saying this to establish a date.

Also in this bin, from years before this comic was ever thought of, was the stick puppet in the comic. The only two differences being that the puppet was not wearing glasses (I had a tendency not to wear mine around the house) and my daughter Jennifer's name was printed on the popsicle stick. There was also a note with some art work with it, which if they had once been attached, no longer were. I couldn't tell you how old this puppet is.

When I found it again, after not seeing it for many years, I laughed at the color scheme, since it matched the comic. I didn't know how I'd use it -- and then last week's story line started.

I hope you found it as amusing as I did.

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