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by Christopher J. Burke
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1367: Dec Savage: The Shape of Bronze
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

''Doc? Are we going to Widow's Peak?'' ''No!''

Something old becomes something new. I had a bit of debate with myself about how to do this. Just the covers? Do I need dialogue? If so, where to add it? Maybe underneath, or just the "alt" text. I don't know.

If it's just the covers, with no dialogue, then I spent too much time -- including a Twitter poll -- deciding on the supporting characters. We'll see as time moves on.

Also, if anyone knows how to *easily* remove the shadows from WordArt, or knows a similar program to produce the titles, that would be great.

By the way, the alternate title was going to be Dec Visage, to remove it further from the original, but I thought that that might be too far. "Visage", of course, is a word refering to a face, which 3-D objects, like prisms and pyramids, have.

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