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940: Disposition of Gift Cards
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There could even now be a gift card in my wallet waiting to be used ... or expired.

Sadly, many do get stolen with handbags, or hacked online. One of the reasons I have old iTunes cards unused is that the very first one I cashed in (for my child) was immediately hacked and spent and an additional $50 was run-up on my credit card. The iTunes card was a total loss because we just couldn't find a human being at Apple to talk to. The credit card was easier to deal with.

That being said, when I can buy anything, I never know what it is I want to buy. If it's just a store card where I'll eventually shop anyway, that isn't so bad. But, as noted in the comic, I'm just as likely to be shopping for a present for someone else, or for run-of-the-mill, day-to-day junk that I need, and not anything special or gift-like in nature.

Caffeine, on the other hand, while being day-to-day, every day, is always a special gift! I'm set for the next month.

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