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917: A Hand Up
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

They also needed someone to make the coffee, apparently.

I've been wanting to get these characters back into the same building for a while. Every time that I have a good (or reasonable) idea for a gag, I put it on hold because they aren't in the same place. But the sub jokes have run their course, and I keep losing the notes I make for when they get together. There's only so much that can happen at a bowling alley.

Co-incidentally, I am currently back in my old school, but this may only be a temporary situation. However, wherever I wind up, for now, I think these characters need to be together. I don't keep much of a storyline with these "gag-a-day" individuals, but I like to be consistent for those reading along.

And, yes, I checked. It seems the A.P.'s rank is only given as "Leader" (or, I should say, the source material's rank).

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