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913: Hooked on a Flowchart
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

Have you ever known anyone who just does the chant waiting for someone to jump in with the words. Have you ever been that person?

Flowcharting: a lost art. It doesn't have to be complicated, but ti shouldn't be too "clever", either. Mostly, it should be readable so people in your audience can understand it (not everyone involved in a project is an expert coder). Readability, and easy understanding, are why I incremented the counter at the start of the loop instead of the end, and why there are two decisions instead of using a remainder function (Modulo) to see if the counter is two more than a multiple of four (or one more, if I incremented the counter at the end of the loop.) Going for the punchline, not the coding specs.

And, like Ken, when the chant starts, sometimes you wonder if it'll actually end.

October, already? Anniversary month!

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