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by Christopher J. Burke
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902: (x, why?) Mini: Potential
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

Would becoming purely kinetic be realizing your potential?

This is a new thing that I'm trying, (x, why?) minis. "Mini" as in "minimum", so it has a mathematical context, along with "minimum artwork, background and coloring". I thought about calling them "quickies", but that lacked the math connection and, frankly, this wasn't as quick as I would have liked.

Happy Joe Burke Day!, the anniversary of my father's birth, which until recently (and somewhat still today) was celebrated by friends and family members congregating at Denny's -- not the national chain, but the family bar/restaurant in Brooklyn, where Dad had his own barstool, along with a place for the dog to rest. They even had a spare walker for him in the later years. We'll be going to toast his memory after paying him (and Mom) a visit.

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Kitt Ten. A walking, talking numeral
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