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694: What's Wrong, Son?
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

The biggest lie here would be if I knew everything going on in this comic.
Okay, it's like this: a month or two ago, I follow a link to an article on lie algebra, so I have a punchline, but I need the setup. Then I see the bit about SO(n). Perfect. If I can make this a Father-Son joke, I have myself a Fathers Day strip.

Except that last week, I research it again, and I can't find the article. Seriously. Google sent me to a wiki page, which, apparently, has been updated in the meanwhile, and the reference isn't there. Moreover, to be honest here, I haven't a clue where or if I actually saw a reference to "dA". What is that? Integration? Matrix algebra? Fevered imagination yearning to finish the joke? No clue.

But I do know one thing.

I know the correct pronounciation of "lie", so you don't need to point that out.

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