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Sunday Comic: "Super-Stick-Man Poster: the X-Stick-People", 1986
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher
Super-Stick-Man Poster: the X-Stick-People

Christmas in July!

This was a photocopy of this inside of a Christmas card that I sent a friend. Yes, I liked it enough that I made a photocopy. I never used these guys again, and they weren't even the first Super Group that I came up with, but this was the first poster that I found.

The full image is dated 1986, but you can get an idea of the time frame from String's mohawk hairdo and the presence of Magnet-o.

I thought about saving this for Christmas, and displaying the entire card until it occured to me -- whereas I can get away with this because of parody laws (I hope), the actual text of the Christmas card was copyrighted and not subject to "fair use" as I would have printed it in its entirety. Whoops. Cropped it out.

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