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by Christopher J. Burke
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Sunday Comic: "Super-Stick-Man and the VILLIAN", c. 1982
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher
Adventure Number 51

I don't know why I switched paper. It couldn't be because I ran out of legal paper. I had a good supply at school. I'm guessing that this one and the next two were done earlier and I just decided to number them. I'm guessing this because #54 follows immediately after #50 and these three are out of sequence.

This particular strip is a recreation. I had originally drawn it on the back of a flyer or a worksheet for Mr. Giordano to defend my spelling of "Villian". The sign isn't the same. I checked for the original, but I don't seem to have it in the same collection of papers. Mr. G might have it.

And, yes, he's the type that would save that kind of thing for 25+ years!

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Kitt Ten. A walking, talking numeral
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