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825: Blue Box and Whisker
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

Eight minutes were added to Paul McGann's time.

For the non-geeks and geeks of a different calling, the numbers above represent the about of hours each actor starred as The Doctor in BBC's Doctor Who, which premeired 50 years ago. It had a 16-year hiatus, but came back in 2005, not as a reboot (I hate those) but as a continuation of the original. The numbers have been rounded to the nearest tenth of an hour, and do not, as far as I know, include later appearances in the series with other Doctors.

Paul McGann appeared on screen for only a 2-hour TV movie, intended as a pilot for a new series. (Eric Roberts played the Master.) It didn't get picked up. However, I included his recent Internet mini-episode, approximately eight minutes in length, because it's just that cool. Go watch it.

Finally: You don't have to write. I did the math. Despite his short TV tenure as The Doctor, 1.2 is NOT really an outlier. But it's not as funny the other way, and the back-up joke was too complicated. So you can save your Anonymous corrections. In this case, Math bows down to Humor. And I think it's "Fantastic" or even "Brilliant".

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