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by Chris Burke
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1521: School Life #12
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

It would serve him right, if he could serve at all.

Depends on whether these are clubs playing within the school or teams playing within the city under league rules.

Two more student names were to be revealed here -- and then one was cut for space. Off-screen, I've almost decided on two other names.

Formats are driving me crazy. I've pretty much given up on making the School Life strips black & white because it was actually more trouble than just using color. (Clicking the B&W option from the menu leaves everyone looking too dark and drab.) But the biggest problem here was writing and rewriting the text to say everything I wanted to say, but making it sparse enough to fit in the allotted space -- and then realizing that I was working with a differently-sized comic and not using the regular School Life frame.

O, the joys of comic creation! Some times I think it's growing pains, but after nearly 12 years, I should be done with those!

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