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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

Issues aside, there's so much truth to this comic.

The female principal and female APs reminded the staff at a meeting in June -- as well as reminding students -- about the dress code. One item was bare midriffs. (Thankfully, I was working at a school where sagging pants are not an overwhelming problem.)

But another part of this is that guidance counselors will loan out shirts (usually extra gym shirts), which the students dislike wearing. However, it's not uncommon that the students have extra clothes in their backpacks -- and that those clothes are what their parents think that they are wearing.

So while you can make an argument for students being able to express themselves through their clothes (and I will REPEAT: you can make it, but it doesn't mean I'll entertain an argument, especially if you're rude, but even if you aren't), some of these arguments get underminded by the fact that they couldn't leave their houses dressed like that because their own parents didn't approve of it. And they are aware of this fact.

Honestly, despite the math pun, I nearly skipped doing this one. But once the last line came to me, I couldn't not use it just because it is a typical thing for a student to say.

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