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1062: Veterans Day
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

Thank you for your sacrifice.

I admit: I was tapped out this year. I've thanked people and made puns, and there wasn't else I could say, except "Thank You" again. I have no problems with the Thank You's, but it doesn't make for a good comic, especially when I haven't updated in a week (because of work and other concerns).

Earlier this morning, while I was sweeping a mess of leaves outside, this came to me. I realize that I've seen an Internet "joke" with something similar on a test paper, but I still put my own little twist on it. For one thing, I got to bring out the (Grand)father and (Great)Uncle characters. For another, I added a little diversity to the mix of character -- something I've been reluctant to do because I was afraid it would turn out badly.

My last regret about doing this last minute: I don't have the numbers and the diversity I would like in this pic. But any more people and they would have been blurs in the background. After 1000 comics, my skill is improving, but I have a long way to go. And I still have my day job.

Happy Veterans Day.

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