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1050: Eclipse
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So guess what I was doing on Sunday night!

Yes, I have an old telescope, which rarely gets used, and I was set up trying to align it with the Moon and NOT move it when I tried to put the tablet camera up against the lens. And, of course, I had to wait for the large clouds to move out of the way, by which point, I had to reposition the telescope.

Actually, I had to physically move it. Between trees and neighboring buildings, I had to shift it in the driveway. By the time the Moon was red, I would have had to have put the telescope in one specific spot at the other side of the house. However, by that point, I'd already put it back in the basement, so no Blood Moon pics. Seriously, I had enough just getting what you saw, and I got those by accident. By mistake, I took video. Those are three still images from the video I shot.

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