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992: The Alien's Table: Self-Referential
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher

That table and half the chairs are in the basement. Still have the horrid paneling.

For the record, this is their fifth comic as a collective, although the Andorean appeared separately in this comic.

The photo was actually taken in 2005, long before I had this comic or even a blog. The picture was for eBay. Buyer's remorse, I guess. I thought that they were cool for a while, but with the kids and other stuff in the house, I thought I should get rid of them. They aren't out -- they're in a box in the basement. My best offer was "those are the cutest thing I've even seen. I just wish I had someone to buy them for." I think I even brought them with me to Lunacon one year, but came back home with them.

I hadn't intended on the photo to be A Thing. Then again, five times in 1,000 really isn't. I just hope it isn't a problem if I ever make a book out of these strips.


A few years back (2011 or 2012), Lawrence Schoen of the Klingon Language Institute made this video of Soft Targy (to the tune of "Soft Kitty" from The Big Bang Theory). I adapted it as a comic and set it to him, and then showed it to him at Lunacon. He acknowledged having seen it before. (YES!) Oddly, I could not find the original stored on my hard drive anyway (it might be on a back-up disk), so I had to download it from a Facebook page. Enjoy.

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