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Sunday Comic: "Super-Stick-Man and the End of the Line!", 1986
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Adventure Number 65/66

And that's all she wrote.
Or rather, that's all I wrote. Almost all, at any rate.
Even though I had more off-white, legal-sized paper, those were all the individual Super-Stick-Man comics that I created between the late 70s and mid80s. These last four pages were supposed to jumpstart my interest in doing it again. But it didn't.

Had I known that one day I would have a way of showing these off to everyone and not worrying that they'd be stolen from me, I might have done more with it. One time, I thought enough about it to want to send a copy of all this to DC Comics, thinking I could be the next Fred Hembeck or something (not remotely likely), but then I read that DC stopped looking at work from unpublished writers and artists. So I didn't even try.

I still have some random drawings and a rather large, unfinished, long-form project. And who knows: maybe there are more standalone comics buried in a Box o' Stuff in the basement. Or my mother's basement.

And if anyone knows "Dr. G" -- point him toward these pages! He was a big part of the reason Super-Stick-Man flew as long as he did!

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