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by Chris Burke
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Sunday Comic: "Super-Stick-Man Meets His Match", c. 1981
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher
Adventure Number 35

Okay, I really don't remember my frame of mind back in 11th/12th grade.
I don't remember why everything had to blow up -- other than that was Real Cool, of course.
Likewise, I think Match-Stick-Man originally died in the traffic accident, but I must have realized that that wasn't funny, was a bit of a downer actually, and that I hadn't killed anyone before. Sure Rotundo had a heart attack, but he recovered and time and again ... (well, not "and again" just yet).

What new adventures await?
Find out next week or bust into my closet and find the binder with all the originals.
(I would prefer the former. Really.)

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Kitt Ten. A walking, talking numeral
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