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by Chris Burke
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On Vacation: Please Enjoy Some Vintage Artwork, c. 1980
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Mr. Michael Keegan, Math Teacher
Welcome to the Adventures of Super-Stick-Man

I used to draw my own comic books in the fourth through seventh grades. I had nearly 50 issues of my own science fiction adventurer, each 16-24 pages long. Those are long gone now.

But even after I stopped it, I still liked to sketch on art paper, loose leaf or whatever note pads were around. I started numbering those, and sketch number 14, as a joke, was a poster of Super Stick Man. An adventure with the Evil Villian followed.
(Please don't send corrections: his name is spelled "Evil Villian".)
This was somewhere between eight grade and sophomore year of high school.

It wasn't until my junior year that I made a regular 4-page comic out of it, and if
Dr. Fran Giordano from Xaverian High School (Brooklyn, NY) is out there, you already know that you were the one who pushed me to keep doing the strip.

The downside to that is that it dropped off again once I was in college. Had I had access to the Internet then (and had a scanner), I probably would still be creating them.

I thought of approaching DC Comics with them, but I was no Fred Hembeck, to say the least, and they aren't the easiest people to contact.

Anyway, I've saved most of these strips. Some have been lost. Some were recreated. Many have suffered the ravages of time and bad storage.
It's just hard to believe that it was so long ago.
Harder to believe that I was doing a regular stick-figure comic before Randall Munroe was born!

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